Is Msc Nursing/MPH degree from India Valid in US?

  1. This is important. My friend needs to make a career choice. The matter is,my friend has completed her 4 yr Bsc Nursing and she is thinking to get a masters degree from India(Msc Nursing or MPH) but she is also thinking about moving to US in few years time.
    So, her question is if she gets a master degree(Msc nursing or MPH) from India will that degree be valid in US?
    Will she be able to get a job that matches her qualification?
    What pre-requisites or application/registration process she will need to go through?

    any suggestions or guidance will be greatly appreciated. Please help us with this.
    Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   rinks2010
    Hi Japneet,

    It will be better if you post your question under "US Nursing" tab. You might get answers . BTW I am an RPN from Canada (basically from Punjab) and I am planning to go back to India to do an RN degree.