How do i go about working as a registered nurse in france??

  1. 0 Hi I am a qualified Adult Nurse, Diploma trained in UK and a British citizen. I have been qualified for 14 years, mostly surgical, with a variety of other areas covered over the years!!
    I would love to move over to the Normandy area (Mantilly looks nice!!), and work as a nurse. I am learning French, very very basic at the moment!! Hoping to have improved over the next year.
    What do i have to do with regard to my qualifications in order to do this??
    Any info would be appreciated!!!
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    Go there: - communauté infirmière : concours infirmier, cours ifsi, tfe, actu, formations, protocoles. You'll find about all the relevant info you need. Getting one's Degree recognized in France in sometimes quite arduous but feasable.
    You can also e-mail the National Nurses Board (Ordre National des Infirmiers) Ordre National des Infirmiers - Portail National de l'ONI It Is said that you need to be really patient when dealing with them.

    Good luck!

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