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  1. Hi, I'm a nurse currently working in middle east. i'm a graduate from malaysia with a diploma holder with malaysia and a degree with the United Kingdom. i have 4 years of working experience in malaysian and now actively working in middle east. I would like to ask how to get into nursing into the united states? How is the process like? i'm setting my eyes on california, new york and boston. Do I need to take and complete courses before taking Nclex or do i need to get an employment from the hospital? If so please guide me through the process. Any recommendation agencies that can help. Please do advise on this.
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    You need to meet state requirements and only they can say whether you need further courses. CA will not accept application without a US SSN and you can't get that until in the US with a valid work/immigrant visa. If you get as far as meeting requirements and passing NCLEX you then have to find employer willing to go the immigration route or H1b route and pay the $$ and in regards immigration wait the several years it will take to get you in the US working