Aus Nurse wanting to move to US

  1. Hi.
    My brother in law and his family have recently moved to West Virginia. My hubby is now interested in relocating to the US and live closer to his brother. I am hoping if someone can give me advise on how to kick start Nclex-RN process.
    My understanding is that,:
    1. I need to choose a state and apply for a RN licence.
    2. I then need to register at Pearson Vue.
    3. I will then receive information on when I could take the Nclex.
    Can someone please confirm if my understanding is correct?
    Also, I already obtained certification from CGFNS and it states I am eligible to practice as Level 1 RN in the US.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Better to apply to the state you plan on living and working. Do not register with Pearsonvue until the BON oks it. Once you receive eligibility you register and Pearsonvue will send you your ATT and then you can sort out a date to take NCLEX
  4. by   JoyousMum
    Thank you for your advise.