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  1. I'm a Registered General Nurse and a Registered Paediatric Nurse in West Africa with 3 years bedside work experience and I'll like to migrate to and practice nursing in the Republic of Ireland for the time being. I've been searching for what the current condition is like for non EU nationals, especially Africans but I've not seen much. I'm planning to start the NMBI process and I don't want the time, money and effort put into it to be in vein because of no information about what follows the application process and the work environment for foreign trained nurses, I don't want to feel like I made a mistake halfway through.

    Please I'll like to get some information on the work environment, what nursing is currently like there(there seem to be so many Irish nurses leaving to practice in UK and Australia), and my chances coming from Africa with a 3 year general nursing (RN) and 1 year diploma in paediatric nursing(during and post registration with NMBI)?

    Any information will be helpful... Thanks!
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  3. by   wyatrich
    Hi dollybird,
    I am in a similar situation as yours,
    have you started your application and is there any info u have gathered that you can possibly share. I just got my Ielts result, which I managed to get the required score...thanks in advance