Advice for New Grads Working Internationally

  1. Hello! I am a new graduate nurse (graduated ABSN program in December) with two years of EMT experience and a decent GPA (3.65). I'm getting very discouraged by the job search, I'm not getting callbacks from anywhere. I understand that the Bay Area in California is a competitive market, but I thought my EMT experience would allow me to stand out.
    So far the only program that has expressed any interest in me is a 2 year Nurse Residency Program in Wales. Part of me would love to live abroad for a bit and it sounds exciting! My main question is does anyone have experience working abroad and coming back to the states? Do hiring managers look down on experience obtained abroad granted my schooling and license were obtained in the US?
    Additionally, I have an informational Skype meeting coming up, what kind of questions should I ask?
    Thank you for you time, all advice and encouragement is greatly appreciated
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