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Wisconsin DRL

  1. 0 I recently completed my NCLEX-RN Wednesday February 10th. On Friday I did the quick results from Pearson Vue and it says I passed. But when I called the department of regulation and licensing, I was told it takes up to 15 business days for them to post my license info online. She said it takes "a while" for them to get the information. But I thought pearson vue submit the results electronically to them?

    When I took my NCLEX-PN, my license number was posted online that next afternoon. I was wondering why, this year it takes 15 business days when just a few years ago, it took 1-2 business days? I'm just so frustrated, since the employer I want to work for wants me to have an active RN license and I need to apply for jobs asap! Is there someone else that had to wait 2 weeks in order to get their license info updated?
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    Well, a week after I tested, my license number was posted online. I'm officially an RN!
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    Keep checking the website. I'm not 100% certain, but I think it gets updated on Wednesdays.