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WI PDN question

  1. 0 I am currently a nursing student and working as a PD caregiver. I am in WI and so this case is paid for by Medicaid? through Care Wisconsin. Do any of you PDN in WI know how that system works? I am not sure why some qualify for care in their home and some go into LTC facilities. Anyway, I forsee this case becoming an LPN/RN case in the future as the client has later stage muscular dystrophy. If so I would love to stay at this job as an LPN while I finish school, but my questions are:
    1. Can clients (age 50) continue to have care paid for in their home by LPNs/RNs or do they have to go to an LTC facility?
    2. Would I have to be an independent medicare provider (is that what that is called?) before being an LPN on the case?
    I just don't want to miss out on the opportunity because I didn't get the independent medicare provider process rolling ahead of time.
    Any advice?
    Thanks :-)