What Degree Is Granted By WI Technical Colleges?

  1. 0 Can anyone tell me what degreeis granted by the technical college associates degree nursing program? Is in an Associates of Science, or an Associates of Applied Science?
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    The ones I'm aware of just call it an Associate's Degree in Nursing.
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    Quote from rn/writer
    The ones I'm aware of just call it an Associate's Degree in Nursing.
    *** No I am sure that my degree does not say "Degree" in the title. I am pretty sure it is either "Associats of Science in Nursing", or Associated of Applied Science in Nursing" Or very close to one of those.
    I would just look at my degree but it happens to be in a different state in storage than where I am at the moment.
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    What school did you go to? When did you graduate? Maybe you can look at the school's website or call and get the information you need.

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