Wausau/Central WI LPNs/RNs

  1. Quick question for my fellow WI people- I'll be eligible to take my NCLEX-PN boards in December, and was wondering what new LPNs start out at in the Wausau area? New RN grads? I'm looking mainly at St. Clare's in Weston, and Aspirus in Wausau, and also LTC in the area too. I'm trying to figure out if working as a LPN while I finish my last year of nursing school is doable for me, financially. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   WI-NurseBeth
    I work med-surg as an LPN in Appleton WI and make $16.10 plus shift and weekend differentials
  4. by   grubb250
    New grads at st Clare's make around 23.00 plus differentials
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