UW Madison Nursing Program

  1. Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the UW Madison Nursing Program. I'm interested in applying as a second-degree student from Maryland, but couldn't find anything on this forum about it.

    How is the acceptance rate for UW? How are the NCLEX pass rates? Is the school reputation pretty good?

    I graduated with a 3.47 with a B.S. in Cell Biology and have only one B in all my prerequisites, so I'm curious to how my chances are (also considering I'm applying to a lot more schools that have much earlier start times than UW.)

    I would love for any current students to chime in!
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  3. by   ceek
    Hi there

    I am not a current nursing student at UW-Madison, but I have applied for Fall 2013 admission (I hear back in early May, eeeek!), and I believe I can answer at least one of your questions.

    At UW's FAQ page (http://www.son.wisc.edu/documents/son_bs_adm_faq.pdf), they say that for the Fall 2012 admissions cycle they received between 300-350 applications and admitted 152 students. The average cumulative GPA and the average prerequisite GPA were both 3.5.

    Additionally, the most recent NCLEX pass rate I could find was 92% for 2011. (http://www.provost.wisc.edu/assessme...rt_Nursing.pdf)

    I hope that helps