United Hospital Systems - Kenosha Campus

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    hi everyone. i have a 2nd interview scheduled for kenosha memorial for a pt position as a graduate nurse. is anyone else starting on june 8th as a new grad? has anyone gone through the orientation. i'm wondering about the process. thanks in advance.

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    I work in the CCU . Hospital wide RN Orientation I think was two weeks .I worked as a SNI prior to passing NCLEX so my unit orientation wasn't as long as a new hire .They'll have you take a EKG class that KMCC offers since you'll be working with tele pt's . Good luck .
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    thanks for the information. i got the job. i'll be at the kenosha campus.
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    Yay! I work at the Kenosha campus, too, and this week they started orienting five new RNs for our floor (8 Palmer) - what floor will you be on? I'm an SNI and am set to graduate in December although I'll be taking the new RNs EKG class this July. Congrats on the job!

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