renewing a WI license

  1. I had a WI license over 10 years ago, and I recently moved back to WI. The board of nursing website is a little unclear, and I can leave a voicemail that won't be returned for 2 days, so I am wondering . . .

    1) Do I need to pay the "late" renewal fee" ($25), even after more than 10 years? It isn't as though I was practicing in WI and am applying late. I've been out of the state all this time.

    2) Can I file online? The site also seems unclear about this. Online is of course faster, while mailing the forms in will take 30 days.

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  3. by   Packers Nurse
    One other question:

    How do the temporary permits work? Is this for new grads only, or would one allow me to work as my application is being processed?