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Relocating to Madison area

  1. 0 I am an L.P.N. relocating from Illinois to the Sauk Prarie area in Wisconsin. I am looking for job opportunities in the Madison/Middleton/Sauk Prarie area. I have experience in LTC/SNF, home health care (pediatric) and family practice. If anyone has any leads, please let me know. I wouldn't mind getting some experience in other disciplines of nursing as well. Any info is much appreciated! Thanks!!
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    Hospice care inc is a good place and they hire lpns. Good luck!
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    There are alot of places that are hiring right now. I know that my employers are both hiring. There are also a few places to try to stay away from too. Email me if you would like more infomation.
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    Thank you both! That would be great, I would love to know where and where not to apply! What is your email LPNHTNCM?
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    you can reach me at

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