Quality Scrubs in Oshkosh?

  1. I am new to the area in Oshkosh and was wondering if there are any stores that carry nice scrub sets? Or is online my best bet?
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  3. by   Stratt Apparel
    Hey boomer 233,

    Stratt Apparel is a new retail store in the Oshkosh area. We specialize in the selling of medical scrubs such as scrub sets, scrub tops, and scrub bottoms. Feel free to stop by, we are located at 358 City Center, Oshkosh WI. Or you can contact us by calling 1-888-978-7288 or sending us an e-mail at customer.service@strattapparel.com.

    You can also order any of our products online at: http://www.strattapparel.com

    Hope to see you soon!