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Offered a job at Central Wisconsin Center...

  1. 0 Hello all!! I have extensive experience in DD nursing, and am a Behavior specialist and QMRP. I was just offered 3 state jobs after interviewing, one of which is at Central Wisconsin Center. (It is a Nursing Supervisor position). Anyone here know what this is like?? Any thoughts on it? I would have to relocate 3 hours away, so am really strucggling to know if I should take it or another state job!!
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    Its basically a nursing home for the developmentally disabled............. people that work there really like it. most people that are there are older, non-ambulatory and non-verbal. I'm not a fan of institutions, but i do know people that worked there and it sounds like the employees are very invested in their job and their patients and do a very good job. Good luck!
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    I have son that has a developmetal disability and he has lived there for many years. Whenever we travel to see him we are very impressed with the care that he recieves there. People are always friendly and do an excellent job in caring for my son. Seems to be a great place to work.
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    I used to work there. Did you take the job? How do you like it?

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