Offered 2 corrections jobs--Stanley and Dodge Supervisor

  1. Hello all!! I have extensive experience in DD nursing, and am a Behavior specialist and QMRP. I was just offered 3 state jobs after interviewing, 2 of which are at correctional facilities...Stanley and Dodge. Anyone here know what these facilities are like?? Any thoughts on it? For the Dodge job, I would have to relocate 3 hours away, so am really struggling to know if I should take it or the Stanley job, which is only an hour commute one way!! I have no experience in correctional nursing, but am definitely interested...I was also offered a RN supervisor role that is more within my specialty field at Central Wisconsin Center. It is nice to be wanted but... Any advice is helpful. Thanks!
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  3. by   pwiser69
    There is one situation I thought that you should be aware of if you choose any of these postions. The amount of overtime can be over the top. Heres a link One nurse working for DOC made 240K+ here base was around a 100k so thats a lot of overtime. Just something to keep in mind. There are similar numbers available when working for DHS. Depending on the situation my thought of best job for you would be at CWC since you are a QMRP and probably already have experience with that population. Good luck