Nursing at Mercy Janesville

  1. I have an interview at Mercy in Janesville next week and was wondering if anyone has any insight to share on working there.

    Also wondering how their pay and benefits are?
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  3. by   jhoefen
    how did the interview go? did you get the job? how do you like it? I'm applying there now.
  4. by   em7008019
    Nope I didn't get it, but that's ok I had actually found out two days before the interview that I had gotten one of the other jobs I interviewed for.

    I interviewed for the ER which sounded really interesting and they have a lot more capabilities in trauma than the hospitals close to where I live. It was much more like the Madison hospitals. At they time they were in the application process for level II trauma center.

    I have worked most of my career in Madison so the pay was low comparetively, but Madison is much higher than else where in the state.

    Good Luck