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New RN pay at St. Francis Hospital, Milwaukee

  1. 0 Does anyone know what starting pay is for new RNs at St. Francis Hospital in Milwaukee? It is part of Wheaton Franciscan, but it is also unionized, so I don't know if the pay is the same or different from other Wheaton hospitals. Thanks!
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    Not positive but I did interview at KMH which is a sister hospital and they start at 21.75/hour. Aurora starts at 23.70/hour plus awesome tuition reimbursement for RN to BSN. Basically 100%!
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    Thanks for the info!
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    KMH is NOT a sister hospital to St. Francis. It is a sister hospital to St. Catherine's, also in Kenosha. Trust me, I work there.
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    You are correct. I mis-typed!
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    However, KMH and St. Cat's belong to United Hospital System which is a sister system to Wheaton Franciscan, to which St. Francis belongs
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    Just joined the site and saw this post -- base pay for new RNs is $23.33/hr. PM shift differential is $2, nights is $4. Weekends are an additional $2 on top of whatever your base/differential is. Hope that helps!
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    I just got hired there 2nd shift as a new grad and starting pay is 24.17 a hr.