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  1. 0 Hey everyone,
    I'm a registered nursing student who just took the LPN boards and I'm looking for Job.
    Does anyone know of a LTC facility in Milwaukee or the burbs that will hire LPN's without much experience besides school clinicals?
    I'm noticing most places are asking for at least a year of experience.
    I certainly wish I could get the experience some place.

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    I live up in NE Wisconsin and have been a lpn for 3 years now(am on waiting list for bridge) but still have only found a position that is prn and that is about 2 times a month and that was only 4 months ago. everyone either wants experience or MA's because they are cheaper. Good Luck. It seems like you need to know the right people not brains to get a job
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    Its especially hard to get jobs through an agency like prn without at least a year of experience. Most hospitals require this of staffing agencies.
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    Keep trying to apply at LTC and SNF. They are always looking for LPN. I am working as a CNA while I;m in school and will hopefully move up to LPN when I pass my boards. Then I will start getting my one year of experience.

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