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Full Time RN jobs in Madison?

  1. 0 In anticipation of my graduation in December, I have been keeping an eye on all the Madison hospitals job postings but it seems most of them are for part time employment. Is it best to just take two PT jobs and then hope to get a FT position after I get my foot in the door? Or hold out for a full time position. I am interested in working in the ER. I just put in an app to UW health Clinic for part time position in Urgent Care and an app into one of the hospitals for PT position in ER. Any advice?
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    All I can say is get your foot in the door, if u do, the employees r usually the first to hear about openings. I know graduating in December, u r going to want to get patient care, but have u considered even a unit clerk position?
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    I am currently a nurse tech in Orlando, FL where I am going to school. But after I graduate I will be moving back home to Madison.

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