Current Political Uproar

  1. does anyone know how the recent "uproar" about the wisconsin budget and gov scott walker may affect private duty nurses who work for the badgercare/medicaid program? i can't seem to find anything specific. thanks!
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  3. by   Spartan679
    I don't think anyone has specifics for the long term. As of yesterday, collective bargaining rights for all state employees were partially removed, but if you aren't actually employed by the State of Wisconsin, it shouldn't affect you at all as far as I know.
  4. by   evolvingrn
    It would most likely effect you in that they probably aren't going to get the amount of services as they had in the past. Thus some may be pushed back into nursing homes. That is all speculation he has basically given himself or dhhs sovereign power to determine who and how people qualify with no oversight that plays out has yet to be seen. My guess is he is not going to go after the disabled right away....but the poor otherwise uninsured adults