any area/hosp. in WN with enough demand to hire an out of state ADN new grad?

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    Hello, I was just wondering if there were any particular area's/hospital of NM, that still have a high enough demand to hire an out of state ADN new grad nurse? For example, a few places in N. Dakota have high demand b/c of the gas boom. (I'm looking there also.) I live in Missouri. I'm willing to relocate and make a commitment for at least 2 years. (maybe a lot longer if I love the area.) I have a BA in another field, so, I will start the RN - BSN process within a year or two. Has anyone else from out of state dealt with the Wisconsin SBON? If so, how long did the paperwork process take? I am from a compact state.

    Thank you.

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    Wisconsin, not N. Mexico. I'm looking at N. Mexico, Wisconsin, and N. Dakota.

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