(BSN) RN License by Exam, Educated outside the US

  1. 0 i am very confused with the process. i am currently licensed as a practical nurse in [color=#366388]illinois and [color=#366388]wisconsin (i studied practical nursing in illinois, and working in illinois). just completed bachelors degree in nursing (bsn) in the philippines but i did not take the philippine [color=#366388]nursing licensure exam, so i was not licensed in the country where i was educated from. i live permanently in the united states, just went to [color=#366388]philippines to study nursing and complete a 4yr degree. now, i would like to apply for wi rn license by examination, so i will also take nclex exam. do i have to have a philippine nurse license in order for me to apply for a wisconsin rn license by exam?

    please help.
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