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Window 8

  1. 0 Can anyone please explain why online proctoring company with WGU isn't compatible for windows 8 . Almost all the new laptops have windows 8.
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    That Kryteron also doesn't work with any Mac other than OS lion WITH safari 5. There are a huge amount of complaints on the wgu discussion boards about various operating systems and Internet browsers that don't with with the webcam thing. Personally, I think it sucks a lot and I'm not sure the enrollment advisors and mentors are aware of how big of a problem it is. I've been just taking my tests at proctored sites...which is fine, but the next one I'm scheduled to take is going to charge me $20, which I'm supposed to be reimbursed.
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    I am going to South University, and their system does not integrate with Windows 8 either.