WGU (western govenors university) Pre-Liscensure BSN Dallas

  1. Hello all,
    I have been an LVN for a year now and I am so ready to advance! I have been told that I need to get my ASN then work at a hospital and have them pay for my BSN. I really dont want to go through all of that . So I was thinking about WGU pre-Liscensure BSN program. I have contacted the school for information but I wanted to ask everyone on allnurses.com. Lets get real people....we are all very honest on this site and give great advice right
    So what I would like to know is as follows:

    1. Is there anyone out there in allnurses land that live in dallas and that attended this school? I would like to know your experience and the general cost.
    2. I know they ask for a previous degree or experince in the healthcare field so Im assuming being an LVN would count...right? The website is very vague on this subject.

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  3. by   SilverLove
    Hi Ybstressed,
    I read your post and wanted to ask you if you have the prereqs done? From what I know your LVN should work in regards to having experience, but you have to have those prereqs. Have you applied to the program since your last post?