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  1. 0 For those who are interested in the WGU prelicensure BSN program, WGU has recently announced that the state of Utah has announced approval for their program to start in the near future. Also, their BSN prelicensure program will be starting in the El Paso TX area on August 1, 2010. That means that WGU is now in operation in Dallas, Houston, and El Paso, TX. Online University | Online Degree | Accredited Bachelor's and Master's Degrees
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    If Anyone is thinking about attending Western Governor's University, (WGU) in El Paso Texas. You should really do your research before enrolling. Any question, feel free to contact me through this thread or email that is provided on this site.
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    From what I understand they are putting this program in El Paso on Hold
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    Quote from SilverLove
    From what I understand they are putting this program in El Paso on Hold
    Thanks for posting this update.

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