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  1. 0 Do you all have a Facebook page too?
    Im in the process of getting signed up, have talked to them several times. I just need to pay for the application fee and take the test.
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    I don't think we can access the Facebook page until after we're admitted. If I do attend WGU, I'll definitely access the Facebook page. I'm interested in any information or help I can get along the way.
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    Yes, you can access the FB page, even if you're not admitted. We encourage people who are simply trying to get more info and figure out if it's the right program to join the FB page and read or ask questions. It's considered an "open" group so anyone can join.

    The FB page is called "WGU RN to BSN discussion group" I think.
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    You don't have to pay the application fee, i can refer you if you want.

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