Starting Western Governors March 1st 2014

  1. 0 I am ready to start WGU tomorrow morning and excited, but I am a little disappointed in my mentor. She did not call me on my scheduled appointment this week and if I had not called the school, I do not believe I would have gotten a call today. Has anyone had any problems with their mentor?
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    I am starting as well! How many CU's do you have to complete? would like to keep in touch as I will need the encouragement.
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    I didn't have problems per say.

    Just my first mentor and mines personality didn't really mesh.
    I hit a mental road block a few months in and basically she would make her weekly call, but no tips or words of advice.
    My second mentor got me motivated to finish the program...gave me the kick in the butt that I needed.
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    Did you guys have t0 take history?

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