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Starting RN-BSN April 1

  1. 0 Hello! Hi! I'm excited. Are you?!
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    I am starting the RN to BSN April 1st too and yes I am excited to get started!!!
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    Good luck to you both!
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    When did you apply? I'm curious what the typical wait to start is these days.
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    I think it's about 3-4 months.
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    I applied back in October but I was moving out of state this past January so my enrollment counselor was waiting for me, rather than me waiting for them. I had all my transcripts and assessment test done way before January. So I'm not entirely sure, but I could've started sooner too if the state board of where I moved to didn't take so long to endorse my license.
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    Yay!! We'll definitely have to keep in touch!
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    I start 3/1. How is it going so far?
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    Hi U2BCool - I start 3/1, too!