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  1. Applied to WGU after many years trying to decide which school to go to! Just finished all of my assessments and now looking for advice...how long does it take to hear back regarding my assessments? What kind of computer do you suggest? Etc...heck I will take any advice lol!
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  3. by   rachel33138
    Call your counselor, let him/her know you finished your assessment and he will let you know if you pass/fail. Then she will schedule you for an intake interview wich will take about 10min depinding how many questions you have. But most importantly start completing your free FAFSA for financial aid even if you thinking of paying out of pocket. That is what they made me do. Did you send in transcrips from all school you attended yet? If not start doing that now, thats the onlything that might slow down the process.
    Good job for taking this important step to further your career!