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Passing TEAS Scores

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    Does anyone know what the Passing TEAS Scores for WGU Pre-licensure is?

    The website is very vague on what score they require for admission into the program.

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    i believe it is in the mid 80s counselor wouldn't give me a score when i asked what was passing but when i as what past admits scores were she said mostly in the mid 80s
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    It is like 58%. I can't remember exactly, but the high 50's. It is pretty low!
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    58% in Texas
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    WGU cut off is 58%....getting in depends on your cohort and where your located....I’m in California where it is crazy competitive and to get into a cohort I have to be in the high 80% rep said the last cohort the lowest score was 89%. So if i score a 65% I def have no chance ...
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    You need to get 58.7 or higher on the overall exam.
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    Well Houston, Texas as far as I know because I just called them today.