MSN Nurse Educator

  1. Hi everyone,

    Have any of you received an MSN through WGU or are currently enrolled? I'm looking to get my MSN through them but would like some feedback first!

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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    I earned mine in 2012 and I am currently a faculty member in that program. You are welcome to PM me your questions.
  4. by   LikeTheDeadSea
    I'm looking to start this program in July
  5. by   Karen4ujamaa
    I earned my BSN at WGU in November. Just started the MSN program on January 1st. I've seen people post that they completed the whole program in one (6 month) term. I hope I can come close to that. I'm ready to submit my paper to complete my first class already. I'm just waiting for my mentor to approve. In the meantime I already started on my 2nd class. I'm ready to start writing that paper now and then on to the next class. I'm hoping to be finished with this paper by next weekend.
  6. by   TXRNgirl
    @Karen4ujamaa So Exciting! I hope to start July 1st after completing my BSN on line at Park University. I already have a BS in Mgmt/HR. How long are these papers?? And how is the capstone project 'presented'?