Applying to WGU in CA

  1. Hi everyone. I'm applying for WGU in CA, which I know is very competitive. I have a Bachelors degree and my science GPA is 3.8. I am a Respiratory Therapist and work in the NICU. My worry is I just got my TEAS score and it was 86. I am afraid it's not good enough. Does anyone know if my score is high enough?
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  3. by   centercourt2015
    I think with your previous GPA, TEAS, and work experience you have a really great shot. Plus those with previous degrees also have an advantage.

    Here is the list of the pre-reqs needed to apply: Pre-Nursing Prerequisites for the B.S. Nursing (Prelicensure) | WGU Nursing

    If you have everything completed, talk to an enrollment counselor and apply I would apply! IMO, you are a strong candidate.