Anyone attend Western Governor's University RN Pre-Licensure Program?

  1. Hi! I am trying to decide between attending my local community college (2 year ADN program) or head straight for my BSN. I currently have my associates degree and have been a paramedic for 5+ years.

    I'd like to stay as close to home as possible (new grandbaby!!) so I am looking at WGU in California.

    I would really appreciate any input, advice, suggestions, or opinions based on your experience..

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    I live in LA area too and will be applying to WGU! I'd say go with WGU, it will give you the time/scheduling flexibility that you seek. Plus, in the LA area the nursing job market seems to be phasing out the ADN nurse (which is what most Comm colleges offer) and looking for BSN nurses. Check out Cal State LA's BSN program as well, they have a high NCLEX pass rate CSLA is another school I am seriously consdering...