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After the test?

  1. 0 How long did it take you all to find out if you passed the entrance exam? Took mine this morning and am anxiously waiting. Thank you!

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    I received my results in a couple of days. Not long at all! Did you send in your transcripts already? That is the part that took long in my case. Took them 4 months to do my evaluation after receiving my transcripts. When are you looking to start? Im hoping for March!
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    I'm wait listed for march and if not April. I sent my transcripts last week and called to find out about the test lol ! I passed! Yay!

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    I didn't receive the results automatically, and had to e-mail my enrollment counselor after a week to see if I passed.
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    What sort of test is this entrance exam? Over what subject matter? Like....math, English/reading, sciences?
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    Math, language arts and an essay. I thought the math was hard but I haven't had a math class since high school.