WVU RN-BSN program?

  1. 0 Anyone there who attended the RN to BSN track at morgantown in spring 2011? I wanna sharing the program .
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    Hannah 001,

    I graduated from the RN-BSN completion in 2005, went on to Walden and abtained my MSN in nursing education, and am currently attending the PhD program at the University of Phoenix.
    The program at WVU is alright, but after being a nurse for 20years prior, there was a lot of review.
    Attended Walden University, and my gpa was 4.0. It was hard, but manageable.
    Now, the PhD program at UOPX is very challenging, But I am working full time at a college.
    If you are planning on attending, you will do fine. I hope this helped.

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