working rn in wv/ is it different? working rn in wv/ is it different? | allnurses

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working rn in wv/ is it different?

  1. 0 What do you love about working in WV? What don't you love? Is it different, how? I would love to hear some experiences about this beautiful place, those good and bad, (it can't all be perfect) but what is everyone experiences...even if you may not have worked elsewhere.
    I had a really good experience (after an accident involving a lawnmower) and thought the er was great, from door to door. Now, I'm thinking about working in WV. Any thoughts?
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    Great question! I am moving to WV myself, so I guess we can compare notes soon if you did indeed start working there.
    So far I am not loving the Board of Nursing, though.