Work Problems d/t Bad weather

  1. Hi Everybody;
    Well everyone in the state has been affected by the bad weather one way or the other. I have not missed work d/t weather but I have been a little late twice. No big deal so far, but I was talking to another nurse at work and she told me they are giving her fits. She does live an hour from work, very rural and bad roads are normal in good weather, so no matter how much she does, she does have to call in from time to time, just no way to get to work over those roads. I was surprised the facility would do this since several others work here from that area and all have much the same story. Anyhow, has anyone been "cautioned about tardiness or absence" during the last 2 weeks mostly associated with weather problems? If so, tell us how you plan to deal with the issue. I hope everyone has a safe weekend, it seems we are in for more snow and ice. Blessings.
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