What's New at your Facility?

  1. Heard there are some changes being made at CAMC, Thomas, AND SFH. Anybody got the info? Heard SFH was closing some in patient beds on one unit and moving it to enlarge an outpatient department. Will lose 9 or 10 beds. Heard Gen-CAMC is running ads but not really doing much in the way of hiring unless you have 5 or more years experience. Waiting for new grads in May. Heard Thomas is doing same thing. Also heard Thomas and CAMC are not raising new grads starting wages. 17.00 hr or 17.50 and holding. I don't know which but same as 2 years ago.
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    Since there are no replies to my question, I guess there are no issues facing new employee's or long term employee's at the area institutions. So glad all of this was just a rumor. Have a great day.