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Scrubs in W. VA.?

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    Can anyone tell me a good place to buy scrubs in the Charleston, WV area? Would really appreciate any help!
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    West Virginia Uniforms in Kanawha City is a little pricey, but good selection. I buy all my stuff at The Workingman's Store in Huntington - excellent selection and prices, will order for you if out of stock. Will do alterations as well...
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    Depending on the color you need even some Dollar General Stores in that area are carrying scrubs. Usually less than 10.00 a piece. Not the best quality but still very wearable. Gabe's in Kanawha City carry a limited amount of scrubs in limited sizes and colors.
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    the charleston department store has a pretty good selection, and they alter for free!
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    uniforms plus in southridge, beside hallmark has a good selection too!
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    I know this question was asked a while ago, but runs really, really good deals on scrubs. They carry all the major brands, so getting what you need shouldn't be a problem. Hope this helps!