Raleigh hospital in Beckley WV

  1. Can anyone tell me about the SICU at this hospital? The hospital/area in general? Any information would be appreciated! Thanks
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  3. by   barefootlady
    No info on SICU. but here goes
    1. former HCA facility, under subsidary of HCA at present.
    2. poor staffing usual
    3. lack of supplies normal
    4. high cost of benefits
    5. low wage scale
    6. high stress level with little to no support from nursing administration
    7. doctors so-so in skills, but very big egos, most are foreign born, some do not speak
    adequate English after being here for years. GOD complex very evident.
    8. when census drops call off of staff normal, if no vacation to cover, too bad for staff
    but you will not be working.
    9. mostly younger, inexperienced staff, most older experienced staff members have
    been weeded out to keep salary and benefit costs down.
    10. morale is lower than the bottom of your shoes.

    Overall, the picture at this facility is not too good. Speaking from experience, you can be
    a good employee, but when you need something, like sick time you have earned, they give you a hassle and it shows on the yearly eval. I would look to BARH first. They have their problems but they do treat employees better than RGH.