possibly moving to pa...take NCLEX over??

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    I'm a new LPN, just started working at a Pediatric office here in the state. However, soon I'm planning to move to Pa. I am curious to know what exactly will I need to do to be able to work in the state of Pa? Is my only option that I will need to take the NCLEX over? Or are there other options for me? If anyone could help answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated.

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    The members in the Pennsylvania Nurses Forum may be able to help you, but the Pennsylvania BON is going to be your best source. The PA BON website probably has the info you need. I don't think any states require you to retake the NCLEX.
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    You can use the links site to contact the Pa BON here. It has all of the licensing info, and you can even print a copy of all of the forms needed to
    fill out to obtain your license via endorsement. Good luck.

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