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Per diem work in West Virginia - where is it?

  1. 0 Hey Guys! Looking for suggestions for some decent-paying per diem jobs in West Virginia. Live in Huntington-Charleston area, but don't care to travel. What is out there for RN's just wanting to work a few times a month???
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    well, i don't know if you work in the picu at cabell where i work or not, but i do know that they hire prn people at different levels in our hospital (i work in sicu and we utulize a lot of prn or casual nurses especially during vacation times). if you have adult icu experience, we are always looking for prn help in si. feel free to e-mail me anytime from the link in my profile.

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    A lot of the nursing homes in the area need weekend supervisors. The job doesnt seem horribly bad and the pay is decent.

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