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    I will be graduating in December and am considering taking a Kaplan Review Course to help me pass the NCLEX. Did any of you take a course like this? A group of 3-4 of us are going to Louisville,KY 12-15 to12-19 for this course it costs $399 and of course the cost of hotel,etc. Do you all think that these courses really help with the NCLEX or not? Our school gave a review course for those graduating in May, but since there are only a few of us graduating in Dec, they aren't offering it for us.
    I'd appreciate any feedback on this.
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    Have you contacted the board for info on review courses in the area. I took one locally from 2 nursing instructors and it was great. I think they addressed every question on the exam I took. It was 18 years ago, but I swear, it was like they had planted q/a's in my mind. Passed boards with what was then a national score. It cost half of what I was going to have to pay for an out of state review. Just an idea, I do know that there are people who are signed with the board for this purpose. Good luck.

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