info on charleston wv

  1. 0 I was accepted into camc crna program and i need info on the area ie sections of town to live in where i would feel good obout my childern playing outside. thanks in advance

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    If you want to live in the City of Charleston - just stay away from the downtown areas. Mink Shoals is nice, Kanawha City....Cross Lanes, Poca & Nitro areas are all family friendly.
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    stay out of town, stay out of so. charleston, st. albans (most kanawha county schools suck) Teays Valley, Winfield and Scott Depot are all just over into Putnam County and the area is much nicer. Accessable FROM INnterstate 64. iNG//iid Good luck with camc- they will try to weed you out and it is very difficult program. Unfortuneately I was trying to work and go to anesthesia school there but they wouldn't let me andI had to quit to support my family. Just have all your ducks in a row and you will be o.k.

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