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family health insurance cost

  1. 0 i will be moving from upstate ny to wv next summer. my mother lives in wirt co and my brother in clarksburg. i would like to know the cost of family health insurance at various hospitals so i can decide where i would like to apply. any help would be appreciated.


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    I can not help you with the cost of insurance, but it is high here. I would advise you to look at the Clarksburg/Morgantown area for work. Good luck.
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    I work at Davis Memorial in Elkins and here is what I know: family plan for a non-smoker is $170 per month. They have a $4000 deductable but they put $2000 into a health spending account for you so they pay the first $2000 and then you pay the next $2000. After that it's pretty much covered.

    I used to work at Cabell Huntington in Huntington and they had a super deal, free family medical as long as you used their facilities. Need more of them deals for us in the health care system.