Correctional nursing in WV

  1. 0 I am a Registered Nurse who will be moving to the Beckley, WV area in the Spring 2008. I am interested in Correctional nursing in that area. I have a Law Enforcement background as well so this is a natural interest for me. I would like to get some information re: salaries for RN's working in WV jails. I believe the jail near Beckley is Southern Regional. Could anyone help me find out what an RN with 9 years of experience could make? Thank you.
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    Southern Regional and Mount Olive are in that general area. 10 years ago the starting pay was 15-16 dollars an hour at the local hospitals, about 5 years ago perhaps 18-19. Not sure about today although I think it is about 20.00 an hour at the local hospitals. I dont think the jails or prison paid much (if more at all) than the hospitals.

    I left that area about 5 years ago, the cost of living can be relatively low but the wages are low too. I was making 16 dollars an hour, but took a job in Charleston making 22 an hour.
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    Thanks so much for your response. I had no idea what the salary would be in WV compared to my state and particlarly for a correctional nurse. This gives me a starting place.

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