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    I work in a rehab hospital and have been there for 2 years..I am a Rehab Nurse Tech.. My question is...Does anyone know where i can go take the CNA test ...Not the class just the test...I was told that with me working as i am now that i can Challenge the test and not have to take the class.. Anyone know of a place like this in the huntington charleston area? thatnks for your help.
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    Check with your state board of nursing. They should have info online.

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    In WV CNA training/certification is controlled by the WVDHHR. The website is Unless things have changed, and I do not believe they have, you must have clinical training in a nursing home. Hope this information helps.
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    I was a CNA before going to nursing school, and you do have to go through a state approved training program. My mother also taught CNA classes. You have a big list of things that you have to be checked off on in the actual clinical setting before you can take the test.