CNA in a different state but going to school in WV.

  1. 0 I got my CNA certification in MA over winter break and my state test is next week. If I pass I will be working here over the summer and on breaks from school. Since I am going to be going to school in WV and there are 3 nursing homes and a hospital right near where I am going to school I was thinking of working there. I know that different states have different tests and requirements but would I be able to take the WV CNA test and work there and still have my license here in MA so I can work in both states? Will I have to give up my license in one? Will I have to take another class and then take the test in WV?
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    I got my CNA certification in WV on a endorsement basis. Didn't have to give up my CA certification or take any test. I don't know if they accept MA certification but I expect they would. It's just an application.

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